Wednesday May 23, 2018
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Dear School Pastors and School Principals.
Fr. Tom Kuykendall and I met with the principals last Tuesday regarding Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA) accreditation.  Fr. Tom and I also met today to touch base with the other vicars and deans.  You will find posted the new 2012 ISL (Improving Student Learning Protocols)  They are located under the policy window and the school policy box.  But here is the direct link, click here.
Also here is the link to the WCEA website itself.  Under "documents" it has a number of useful templates tied to Catholic school accreditation.  It also provides a very basic orientation and explanation of the school accreditation process.  By clicking on the various windows of the website, pastors and school principals can harvest information for school leadership and school faculty.  Click here for the link: