Sunday May 27, 2018
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Dear School Pastors and School Principals:
Attached is the revised schedule of the day from our Vicar for Schools, Father Tom Kuykendall, for our upcoming Teacher In-Service at Holy Family in Yakima.  Click here to read, or open this article and click on the attachment.
School pastors and school principals: Remember this is a regularly paid contract day for the teachers.  It is not optional.  You will also want to remember that "contract" days are different from "instruction days," thus while this counts as a "contract" day it does not count towards the "1,000 hours" or "180 days" of instruction as noted in the RCW of Washington State. 
Also remember this time is good for clock hours that help all of our educators keep up with their state certification, so you will want to make sure your teachers are there and are keeping up on this state requirement.
+Bishop Joseph Tyson
Download this file (TEACHER_INSERVICE_2014_REVISED.pdf)TEACHER_INSERVICE_2014_REVISED.pdf[ ]242 kB