Saturday May 26, 2018
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Important Information about Pregnancy Support Initiative 

Accompanying this memo please find a letter from Bishop Joseph Tyson, along with other important information about the Prepares program, a new initiative of the Catholic Church in Washington State that will be unveiled at the Cornerstone Conference in Tacoma October 24-25.  Information to help promote the Cornerstone Conference is available on the diocesan website and has been included in recent weekly mailings from the Bishops.  Let’s do all we can to encourage attendance at the Conference by our parishioners, and indeed our own attendance as well.

You will want to carefully review both the bishop’s letter, and the accompanying standards, as you work with your own parish pro-life groups, as well as community groups that may seek your assistance in their own efforts to promote life.

  1. Bishop Letter for Prepares
  2. Prepares Brochure
  3. Standards for Partnerships with Pregnancy Resouce Centers