Saturday May 26, 2018
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Summer is now upon us, and we are already over half-way through the 2014 Annual Catholic Appeal.  Of the 41 parishes, 19 have already met their goal and will be receiving their first rebate check next month.  This month, we wanted to focus on a parish that every year has a generous response to their ACA – Holy Apostles of East Wenatchee.

For the past several years, Holy Apostles Parish has exceeded it goal by over 165%.  Last year, the parish paid 200% of their goal, and this year is already at 173%.  When discussing the generosity of the people of East Wenatchee, Trish Wilmoth (parish secretary) shared that it is the big hearts of the parishioners that make ACA, as well as other fundraisers that the parish has, a great success.  She said that the people of Holy Apostles are “very generous and close-knit.”  Trish also said that the people look at their faith community as “their” parish.

How has this parish become so community oriented?  Trish attributed Fr. Argemiro Orozco (Pastor of Holy Apostles) with bringing the people together.   She explained that he works to engage parishioners, especially the Hispanic members who make up a large portion of the parish.  Fr. Orozco works to help the people not only spiritually, but even temporally when needed.  He helps them work with various parishioners who work with charities to get them money when needed.  When it comes to ACA, Fr. Argemiro engages parishioners one-on-one by handing out pledge cards and talking to people about pledging.  Trish shared that the people respond well to Fr. Argemiro’s personal requests to take part in the Annual Catholic Appeal because “the people love him – they would do anything for him.”

With such a generous response, the parish has received rebate checks each year for the parish’s use.  When asked what the parish uses the rebate money for, Trish replied that they do not usually have a special project in mind for it.  She explained that “The money is available for when needs arise.  We recently had to repair our HVAC system, which was expensive.  It is nice to have the money there when we need it.”

Congratulations and thank you to Fr. Orozco and the parishioners of Holy Apostles for your generous support of the Annual Catholic Appeal!