Wednesday May 23, 2018
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Mark your calendars for Monday August 12th as Karlo Broussard, founder and president of The Divine Child Institute, Inc., will be giving a presentation at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Wenatchee entitled “Is Man More than Matter?”  In this presentation, Mr. Broussard will answer some of the most common questions asked today about man:  Is man mere matter? or Does man transcend matter with that which we refer to as an immaterial soul?  Join Karlo as he shows how the evidence from philosophy and scientific research with near death experiences leads to the reasonable conclusion that man does in fact possess a transphysical or transmaterial soul and thus is made for eternity.  

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The talk will start at 6 pm and will be held in Kuykendall Hall.  Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to fan the flame of faith in your heart. For more information please visit: