Saturday May 26, 2018
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Workshop Options: Each workshop has a morning and afternoon session. Please indicate one workshop that is your first choice to attend on the front of this form. Please mark a second choice if your first choice workshop is already full. Every measure possible will be made to get your first choice however due to classroom capacities we may have to utilize your second option. Please register early so that you are more likely to be able to attend your first choice workshop!

1. Family Life and the Modern World includes:

Morning session: 

The Six Tasks of Catechesis for Family Life – Bishop Joseph Tyson

What are the bottom line essential tasks for passing on our faith to our children? Why is the parent -- and not the catechist -- the first educators of the faith? Bishop Tyson will break open the Six Tasks of Catechesis found in the Congregation for Clergy's General Directory for Catechesis. Participants will discuss the pinches and fits they've found in passing on the faith to young people.

Afternoon session: 

From Nothing to Cosmos: God and Contemporary Science – Karlo Broussard

In this talk, Karlo Broussard, will answer some of the most pertinent questions on the mind of modern man: Does faith and science conflict? Does Contemporary Science point to an intelligent creator? What’s more reasonable and responsible, a Creator or a physical universe without a Creator? Join Karlo as he takes you on a journey to the very origins of our universe and beyond and explains how anyone, even without a background in physics, can answer these questions with clarity and understand them in a way that promotes dialogue with the inquiring mind of modern man.

2. The Spirituality of Stewardship includes:

Morning session: 

The Spirituality and Practicality of Stewardship – Fr. Jim Lee

Why do we foster financial giving? We give -- not simply to pay bills -- we give because when we change our spending habits and our way of life we become better disciples of Jesus and thus we deepen an important aspect of our spiritual lives. Come learn more about the spirituality of giving.

Afternoon session: 

Catholic Psychology and Spirituality – Jeff Thompson

We are created in the image and likeness of God. We are being transformed into the likeness of Christ. Our creation and transformation are the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit. Join us as we explore our Christian identities (psychology) and vocations (spirituality) from the standpoint of these three basic truths.

3. Youth and Young Adult Ministry includes:

Morning session: 

Engaging our Youth – Fr. Bryan Dolejsi

Fr. Brian Dolejsi speaks from his experience working with high school youth. How do we engage young people when interest in religious matters may not seem evident? What are the key factors that engage high school youth in their faith and connect them to the community of faith that is the Church?

Afternoon session: 

I’ve Lost My Sheep!! Bringing Young Adults Back to the Faith – Deacon Thomas Huntington

Young Adults (those in their 20's and 30's) are leaving organized religion in record numbers and, unlike previous generations, many will not return. How do we change this reality? What are young adults looking for? How can we help young adults transition from the faith of their childhood, to a vibrant, relevant encounter with Jesus? These questions and more will be explored as workshop participants discuss what is working, and what is not, in ministering to young adults.

4. Inspiring Vocational Discernment includes:

Morning session: 

The Consecrated Life – We are Our Brother’s (and Sister’s) Keeper – Br. Donald Johnson & Br. James Joost

The Church calls all of us to build a culture of vocation in our parishes and homes. We will explore what the Church means by “consecrated life” (Sister and Brother) and the experience of it. Participants will be invited to understand consecrated life also through their own vocation as single, married, or ordained, such that they will develop confidence in their efforts to discuss with others all Church vocations. Participants will be engaged in building some tools that would assist them in accompanying a person in his/her vocation.

Afternoon session:

A Path to Holiness through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola – Ignatian Spirituality Center of Yakima

Based on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, the examen of consciousness is based in the truth that God is love and God is at work in every aspect of our lives. This workshop will introduce the format of the examen and how to use this method of prayer to deepen your personal relationship with God. There will be resources provided and examples of how to use the examen in various ministries.