Sunday May 27, 2018
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Dear Fathers,

The month of May is Local Parish Stewardship Month. May is an opportunity to ask all parishioners to take some time in the days and weeks ahead to reflect on the following question: “Lord, what do You want me to do with all the gifts You have given me?” 

When many of us hear the word “stewardship” we often think it is all about money. That is not the case. Stewardship is all about doing what God wants us to do with the gifts He has given us. The challenge is that we cannot know what God wants from us unless we spend time every day communicating with God.

 Stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure:

  • Time is…Talking to God in Prayer, Attending Mass and services, assisting with parish activities, investing in community activities, being present to family and friends.
  • Talent is…Being a lector or usher, serving on a committee, leading a specific ministry, teaching to instruct and inspire, witnessing and evangelizing.
  • Treasure is… A planned, up-front decision to give, in grateful response to our blessings, sacrificial and without reservation.

I have attached some helpful resources to share with your Pastoral/Finance Council members: 1) Stewardship – Bishop Weekly Mailing 2.8.13, 2) Stewardship: A Disciples Response (The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops published the Pastoral Letter in 1992 – to encourage Catholics to live their lives as disciples of Jesus and to share their gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure – more out of gratitude than obligation).

I have also included two different pamphlets/flyers to include as an insert in your bulletin this month.

Other Resources:

  • Spirituality Prayers – only in English
  • Stewardship Prayer – English and Spanish

Should you have any questions regarding Stewardship, please do not hesitate to contact me at (509) 965-7117 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..