Sunday May 27, 2018
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Dear Friends:

The bishops through Catholic Relief Services have preauthorized $20 million for immediate relief. The immediate target is to assist 100,000 households. But those advance teams must bring their own food, shelter and motor transportation. These teams need to be self sufficient even as they work on the first phase of relief providing the initial 180,000 tarps along with the hygiene kits, sanitation kits, food, water as well as initial debris removal.

For those who wish to donate online click here: CRS Responding to Super Typhoon
Everything donated online goes directly to humanitarian relief.  The parish collection, however, will be split between humanitarian relief and Church reconstruction based on the assessment of need done by the USCCB with Catholic Relief Service.

Of course let's also pray for all those impacted by this terrible tragedy.

+Bishop Joseph Tyson
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