Saturday May 26, 2018
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Dear Friends:
Each year we prepare the annual report for the National Catholic Education Association based on the October 1st enrollment numbers.  Here are some items to note from our limited analysis:

Our Hispanic enrollment in the Diocese of  Yakima is about 21 percent.  Last year's NCEA report shows the national percentage to be about 20 percent. The national comparison is a bit complicated since one of our schools is located in one of the few parishes without a Mass in Spanish.  

Schools with higher than national average enrollments are in parishes that are highly Hispanic and in communities that are highly Hispanic. 

Compared to last year, four of the six grade schools have had increases in enrollment.  Much of that increase has come from Hispanic enrollment due to the Central Washington Catholic Foundation scholarships.

From our numbers about 62 percent of the La Salle High School enrollment is white with the balance coming from other backgrounds.  The largest would be Hispanic which forms about 15 percent of the school population.
The trend seems to indicate that our schools are slowly beginning to reflect the cultural and racial composition of their surrounding parishes.  However given our surrounding US census data information where the schools are located we still have a long journey ahead in having schools that reflect their parishes as well as their surrounding communities.
+Bishop Joseph Tyson
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