Thursday May 24, 2018
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Dear Fathers:
We had a very successful Quo Vadis this last August with well over sixty high school-aged men. This was a time for these young men to be introduced to the Church's "Liturgy of the Hours," which we all pray as priests, as well as to experience a bit of "fraternity" together which is also very important in our formation as priests.
This year we are following up with Quo Vadis.  We are hosting Quo Vadis follow up for the high school men you sent this summer.  Ideally these would be the men whom you consider more likely to consider a priestly vocation and who would benefit from some deeper discernment with our vocation team.  These will be held at St. Joseph Parish in Yakima Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 12:00 noon on the following dates:
October 26th 2013

November 23rd 2013

February 1st 2014

March 22nd 2014

May 3rd 2014

The format is quite simple.  We begin with Mass followed by a snack, a pick up game like soccer, a spiritual talk on vocational discernment, (How do I know how God is calling me in my life?), lunch and then a return home.
As with all diocesan events, we would need permission slips and a review of the event policies.  The Field Trip guidelines can be found at the bottom of the list under the Policies link on our website, or by clicking here.
In advance I thank you for fostering vocations to the priesthood here in the Diocese of Yakima.
+Bishop Joseph Tyson