Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Dear Father:

Again, I thank you for your careful attention to the sizable amount of documentation at this year 2013 Yakima Priest Council Convocation.  The one form that I want to highlight for you this week is the NOMINATION FORM for RESOURCE TEAMS and PARISH VISITATION teams.  It's a short time line and we want to have that first training February 8th.  Sister Kathleen and Father Osmar are working on a more specific written description for both kinds of team members.

But in a nutshell, the PARISH VISITATION TEAM member would have some background in parish life and would have some strength in at least one of the five standards of excellence: (1) Liturgical Excellence (2) Excellence in Stewardship (3) Missionary Outreach and Hospitality (4) Excellence in Governance and (5) Catechetical Excellence.  The ideal visitation team member would have some kind of prior leadership experience on your pastoral council, finance council or perhaps has served as lead catechists or on a religious education committee.  The person may have served as an RCIA team member.

The ideal person to nominate for one of the RESOURCE TEAMS would be someone with some particular "in-depth" experience in one of those five areas.  Someone nominated to be on the resource team for liturgical excellence may be a pastoral musician in your parish.  Someone to be on the resource team for catechetical excellence may have served for many years as catechists or as a director of religious education.  Someone to serve as a resource in Stewardship might be a long-time member of your Finance Council who's led your parish's efforts at the Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal or headed up a capital campaign on a parish project.  The simple question to ask yourself is this:  Is the person I am nominating have both the soft skills (human and people skills) as well as the hard skills (robust understanding in one of the five standards) to go out and help a parish in need?

Thanks so much for your early consideration of this important matter that grew from this week's Priest Convocation.

Nomination Form for Visit Resource Team Member (PDF)

Fraternally Yours,

Bishop Joseph Tyson