Friday May 25, 2018
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Dear Friends:
Father Pulido from St. Joseph Parish, Father Vega from Holy Family Parish, Father Gutierrez from Holy Redeemer parish and I all had the chance to go out together a little over a month ago to see the movie  "For Greater Glory" when it was playing in Sunnyside.  Some of you have also seen the moving in Wenatchee.  Now the movie is playing in Yakima at 'Yakima Theaters' on North 16th Avenue.   I want to thank Father Vega who helped bring the movie to Yakima Theaters' attention.
You might want to promote the movie at your Sunday Masses.  Because some of those martyred for the faith in Mexico were members of the Knights of Columbus, the national Knight of Columbus helped finance the film.  It's be a great outing for your local Knights for any of your local youth or parish groups.   I've also asked David Valdivia to reactivate the link for YouTube so you can view the movie trailer.  Below is the description from the New York Times. 

" 'For Greater Glory,' an old-fashioned, Hollywood-style epic that overlays thundering hoof beats with a humid layer of piety, remembers the Cristero War, a bitter 20th-century conflict in which persecuted Roman Catholics rose up against the anticlerical Mexican government.

Largely played down by history books, the war, waged between 1926 and 1929, cost about 90,000 lives. Pope John Paul II later canonized more than two dozen saints and martyrs who fought on the Catholic side...." (The New York Times).