Sunday September 22, 2019
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The Diocese of Yakima has established an abuse disclosure website listing the names of priests and deacons with substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor during their time of ministry within the Diocese. The decision is based on Bishop Joseph Tyson's desire for transparency and to encourage victims of abuse to come forward. 

The individuals named in the list have served in the Diocese of Yakima, as noted. Locations of known assignments are listed, however this does not mean that there are allegations of abuse at each place. 

Despite our best efforts to assure that the information is accurate and complete, we know that the list may include errors or be incomplete. It will be updated as new information is received or identified, or allegations are substantiated after investigation and review in consultation with our Diocesan Lay Advisory Board.  Besides the disclosure list, the Disclosure FAQ document contains helpful information.  

Anyone sexually abused by clergy or by anyone working on behalf of the Church is encouraged to contact the Yakima Diocese Victim Assistance Coordinator at 1-888-276-4490, or local law enforcement.
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