Friday October 19, 2018
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October 5, 2018      
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  • • Proposed Flores Regulations Threaten Immigrant Children
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  • • Excerpts from WA Bishops on the Abuse Crisis
   Bishops Issue Environmental Statement  

On October 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the environment, the Catholic Bishops of Washington State issued a statement on "Catholic Principles and Environmental Policy" to promote greater care for God's creation.  The statement draws upon the consistent papal teaching on the environment from Blessed Pope Paul VI to Pope Francis.
Although they did not take a formal position, the Bishops seek to help inform Washington voters who will consider Initiative 1631 on the November ballot.  I-1631 would impose a fee on carbon emissions.  The statement offers the following points to consider before voting on I-1631:

  • All efforts to reduce the impact of climate change should respect human life and dignity, especially that of the poorest and most vulnerable among us.
  • In accord with their human dignity, local communities - especially low-income residents whose voice is often not heard - should have a voice in shaping the efforts to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Workers should be supported in dealing with negative effects resulting from a shift away from fossil fuels by receiving assistance to mitigate impacts on their livelihoods and families.
These principles offer a framework for voters to consider with all environmental policies.  The Bishops stated, "We are called both to care for the environment, and to be thoughtful about how proposed public policies will impact those living in poverty." To access the statement, please visit   

   Election Resources  

Voter participation in the democratic process is essential for a just society respectful of all life.  Recently, the WSCC launched a special webpage,, that brings together a number of links on voter registration and related information.  Election Day is November 6.  In order to vote, you must be registered.  The general registration deadline is October 8 for people registering online.  People have until October 29 if they register in person at their county election office.
The WSCC has developed a set of questions to consider as you prayerfully discern your vote. The questions range across the spectrum of Catholic Social Teaching issues including abortion and immigration. Visit to help form your conscience.


   Proposed Flores Regulations Threaten Immigrant Children  
  The federal government has proposed regulations that would dramatically change how children are treated in the immigrant detention system. In 1997, the federal government entered into an agreement (known as Flores) that established standards for how migrant children are treated in federal custody. The new proposal would weaken the standards for family detention facilities; lengthen the time children can be detained; and expand exemptions to the standards.
The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC) commented: "These proposed regulations are an abomination ... Detaining children is inhumane and a violation of all that we hold dear as a nation that has long promised to protect the most vulnerable in society." The public comment period runs until November 6. For further information about commenting, click here.


  Get to Know

WSCC's new website includes a helpful Resources section.  Among the offerings is the Catholic Mobilizing Network's National Pledge to End the Death Penalty.  One of our most popular resources is "A Guide to Making Good Decisions for the End of Life: Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney," available in English and Spanish.


    Did you know...  

... that in Washington State, over 40 percent of hospital beds are in Catholic hospitals?


   Excerpts from WA Bishops on the Abuse Crisis  
  Catholics are feeling pain and anger with the revelations of the past several months about the clergy sexual abuse crisis. On October 4, the Archdiocese of Seattle Bishops held a Repentance and Healing service focused on the abuse crisis.  Each of the Washington State Bishops has spoken out on the matter.  Below are excerpts from their recent statements:
Archbishop J. Peter Sartain of Seattle: "The sexual abuse of a minor is an intrinsic moral evil and a crime. Anyone responsible for such an act or for shielding those who do, including bishops and other Church leaders, must be held accountable for their actions." To read more from Archbishop Sartain, click here.
Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane: "Words are not enough, we need concrete action to restore trust. For myself and my fellow bishops, I apologize for the failures of bishops in diocese after diocese. I look forward to working with my fellow bishops to establish a lay-led investigation into the abuses and cover-up." To read more from Bishop Daly, click here.
Bishop Joseph Tyson of Yakima: "I am so sorry for what you are all going through in terms of pain, confusion, rage and grief. ... The erosion of trust undercuts the base attitude so necessary in the spiritual life. So, again, please accept my apologies for our many failings as bishops in monitoring and holding each other accountable." To read more from Bishop Tyson, click here.

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