Friday September 21, 2018
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Yakima Diocese Church Mission Congress 2018


Diocese of Yakima Presents: Church Mission Congress 2018, "Missionary Disciples - Witnesses of God’s Love"

Reserva el Dia

Yakima congreso de la iglesia de la Diócesis 2018


Diócesis de Yakima Presenta:Congreso de Misión de la Iglesia 2018, "Discípulos Misioneros – Testigos del Amor de Dios"

Saturday, October 13th 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
The Church Mission Congress provides inspiring speakers as well as networking of volunteers who can support each other in the mission of passing on the faith and building up the Church. The theme of the 2017 Congress is "Missionary Disciples - Witnesses of God’s Love." The Church Mission Congress is fast approaching. Please encourage all who are interested in bringing the Gospels to life to attend this event. Register here on line or call the Pastoral center at 509-965-7117 to register over the phone.


Sábado, 13 de octubre 9:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m
El Congreso de la Misión de la Iglesia ofrece a oradores inspiradores, así como la creación de redes de voluntarios que pueden apoyarse mutuamente en la misión de transmitir la fe y la construcción de la Iglesia. El tema del Congreso de 2018 es "Discípulos Misioneros – Testigos del Amor de Dios". El Congreso de Misión de la Iglesia se acerca rápidamente. Por favor anime a todos los que están interesados ​​en traer los Evangelios a la vida para asistir a este evento. Regístrese aquí en línea o llame al Centro Pastoral al 509-965-7117 para registrarse por teléfono.



Rev. William Watson, S.J.
Founder of The Sacred Story Institute


The Sacred Story Institute researches and develops a new class of Christian spiritual resources and is dedicated to revitalizing the classic 15-minute Ignatian Examination of Conscience. The mission of the Sacred Story Institute for this powerful daily spiritual discipline is to help adults, teens and youth encounter Christ, the Divine Physician, who heals us in body, mind and spirit, transforming our lives into a Sacred Story!                                                                                                   















Koren A. Ruiz, M.B.A.
Founder & President Corresponsables de Dios

Koren Ruiz has served over the past eighteen years as Youth minister, Multicultural Educator, School Administrator, Loan Officer, Music Composer, Professional Translator, Choir Director, Liturgical Presenter, and Fundraising Consultant. He is a bilingual/bicultural native Spanish speaker originally from Sinaloa Mexico; but he has resided in the United States for the past 17 years. In addition to his work with Stewardship in different parishes, Koren is currently a Published Composer, Artist, and Workshop Presenter for Oregon Catholic Press. He holds true that music is the best evangelical tool given to us. With a passion for service and stewardship, Koren has embodied that belief through more than a decade of involvement in music ministry and composition. Often ministering alongside his wife Jessica, Koren leads parishes across the nation in concerts, music for liturgical prayer events, formational events, and workshops on Christian Stewardship, as well as Guitar-centered skill building like “Guitar Rhythms” and “The guitar Player in the Liturgical Setting.” He has about a dozen songs published with OCP, and recently released his first OCP published album titled “Tu Me Sosten.